The Swapboard for Classes

About Us

We're on a mission..... we want to help businesses by saving them time, keeping their classes full and increasing their profits.

And so far we're doing a good job in achieving that. As of July 2020, our systems have handled over 85000 class swaps, which equates to a lot of time saved and lots of class spaces being filled for Bee Inclined members.

How did it start?

It all began with a request from a Northamptonshire Pilates teacher back in 2014. They had tried a number of solutions for managing their class swaps without success and so approached us to design and build a dedicated solution for managing class swaps.

Since the original product was launched, we have continued to work closely with a core group of Pilates Instructors ensuring that the Bee Inclined class swap solution is easy to use for both instructors and clients.

Read about how the Bee Inclined's Swapboard works.

The Bee Inclined Management Team

Bee Inclined is the product of hard work from the husband and wife partnership of Teresa and Simon Castle-Green. Located in the University of Nottingham's Ingenuity Lab, the team look forward to expanding the product and solution to provide further benefits to their growing member base.


Simon - CTO of Bee Inclined

Simon Castle-Green, Co-founder

With a Masters degree in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence from the University of Nottingham and over 18 years of commercial software development experience, Simon is responsible for the day to day running of Bee Inclined. His deep understanding of technology ensures that the product runs smoothly, fast and in a secure manner.

When not working on Bee Inclined, Simon spends his time studying, playing the guitar & banjo and investigating new technologies.

"What really excites me is when we receive feedback from Bee Inclined members telling us how easy it is to use and how much time it's saved for them."

Teresa - Product Designer

Teresa Castle-Green, Co-founder

Having a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Nottingham, backed by many years of commercial design strategy experience, Teresa is responsible for overseeing all aspects of product design. By taking a user-centered approach, she is able to ensure that the solution functions as desired and addresses the needs of both our clients and their users.

Teresa is a keen snowboarder, amateur skier and will often be found singing at open-mic nights in her spare time.

"I'm passionate about understanding our customers and translating their needs into a product that they love."

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