Welcome to the Kate Falkner Pilates Swapboard

The Swapboard Rules:

Swaps must be done in the same term. You are entitled to do two in the same week.

Please make your own place available before taking a swap. This must be done at least 24 hours before your class start time.

By making your swap available you are giving up your place in that individual class. The email confirmation contains cancellation instructions and a link. Swaps can only be cancelled up until the point that they have been claimed by another client.

If you cant attend a class but don't want to swap please just fill in the first section and dont take a swap.

The swap board can only be used by termly payers and not those doing Drop-In. If you wish to drop in please contact Kate Falkner directly

Step 1 - Offer a swap

Enter the details of the class that you can no longer attend.

  • 1) Select the Class Date
  • 2) Select the Class
  • 3) Enter your first and last names
  • 4) Enter your email address
  • 5) Click 'Offer Swap'

You have offered to swap the following class:

Class Date:

Swap Token:

Step 2 - Take a swap

Choose one of the available classes to take.

  • 1) Choose the class you would like to attend
  • 2) Enter your Swap Token
  • 3) Click 'Take Swap'
  • 4) Make a note of the new class time in your diary

If you are unable to find an available class that you can attend please check back regularly until one becomes available.

Lost your Swap Tokens? Click here

If you have lost your swap tokens, enter your email address below and we will send you an email containing details of any active tokens you have.

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Tuesday, 21st September 2021
Llanfoist Village Hall (Main hall)
Level 3
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